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Did he/she invite his ex-wife – Dr. Martha Peaslee Levine – to the swearing-in? 


He/She Lawyer Autumn Scardina was stirring the pot – looking for free publicity and even notoriety…so she asked known Christian baker Jack Phillips for a very special sex-change cake. He graciously refused on religious grounds,  and she sued, – as was her plan from the start. Of course the Colorado “Civil Rights Commission” sided at […]

Snochia Moseley Kills 3, Wounds 3

September 21st, 2018

I can no more explain why God makes some people transgender – than I can explain why HE makes some people go through life with horrible disabilities. But between the traitor Bradley (Chelsea) Manning and this murderer Snoshia Mosley,  I really feel that transgenders are inherently unstable and have no place in high-pressure positions like our […]

First he betrayed our country and our allies,  got himself court-martialed and sent to prison,  and pardoned by that other traitor – Barack Obama. Then he (now a she?) filed papers to run for the US Senate. But Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend he/she wasn’t getting enough attention – not enough flattery and adulation […]

Barely a year after having the Traitor Obama commute his/her 35-year sentence for TREASON,   Chelsea Manning paid the $290.oo fee to run for the US Senate as a Democrat,  – to face 74 year old Ben Cardin in the June 26th Primary. He/she’s running as a Democrat!  OF COURSE!   Where ELSE would a transgender […]

Self-appointed ESPN fired Curt Schilling – said his speech is “unacceptable”. Curt was being sympathetic with the good folks down in North Carolina who want Male Transgenders to stay OUT of their Ladies Rooms.  His biggest sin was saying it on the air.

Got no mercy from the transgender attention-seekers, – despite having a gay brother.  Booed off stage mid-speech…. Guess what Governor, – they’re never going to be satisfied!   They’re not looking for satisfaction,  – they’re looking for attention.  Video below the fold.

A Case For The Death Penalty!

August 21st, 2015

RIP: Grandmother Wendy Boudreau, age 59, – of Saco, Maine.  We can only hope your pain and suffering was very brief. ROT IN HELL:  “Connor MacCalister” age 31 – (per her brother) a Female-to-Male transgendering person. It seems Connor was ‘unhappy with her life’ and wanted revenge…on anybody…

Sick puppy or publicity stunt? ABC News [where else?] overnight editor Don Ennis announced last May that he was a woman trapped inside a [bald] man.  He blamed his mommy for feeding him hormones. So ‘Dawn‘ began wearing the wig, skirts, lipstick, etc. He began to divorce his wife Wendy [17 years – 3 children]. ABC […]