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Sure didn’t take long!  At about 10:30 AM Friday a Muslim man – one Taha Hamid – of Dorchester – entered an MBTA ladies room,  – dropped his pants – and proceeded to piss in the sink.  He told a woman “This is a Men’s Room now!” The Transit cop must have been old-fashioned [like […]

Remember when Charlie Baker used his daughter to sell his pro-Abortion positions back 2014?  Now he’s putting her at risk,  – and your family members with her! He’s about to sign the Transgender Bathroom Bill which essentially will let any pervert – including registered sex offenders – use public ladies rooms and shower facilities.

What could you do with $40,000 of your own money? Our Massachusetts Senate President wants to “Eat the Rich” – to the tune of another $40,000 per year each [minimum].  How many small businesses will he shut down and drive over the New Hampshire border?   How many more jobs lost?

It seems she – and maybe Michelle Obama – want trannies and sex perverts using the Ladies Rooms in North Carolina schools and state buildings. She’s given NC Governor Pat McCrory until Monday to assure her that he will NOT ENFORCE the new North Carolina law – HB2.

Got no mercy from the transgender attention-seekers, – despite having a gay brother.  Booed off stage mid-speech…. Guess what Governor, – they’re never going to be satisfied!   They’re not looking for satisfaction,  – they’re looking for attention.  Video below the fold.

My Memorial Day Musings

May 27th, 2010

I have come to hate this weekend every year.  What happens – and what doesn’t – has become emblematic for our Republic’s disgraceful slide into materialism and socialist submission.  Each year the jarring realities of what I see against the memories I carry become sharper – more painful.  Some years I actually avoid the “festivities” […]

Despite lots of national Democratic help and $$ poured in to help the Democrat, the Republican won the “Scott Brown Seat”.  It’s a little hard to follow if you don’t live in Massachusetts, but our State Senate districts are mostly gerrymandered globs of towns – and parts of towns.  US Senator Scott Brown had represented […]