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It seems there is no hypocrite like a power-drunk lesbian who wants to be Governor. Has this agenda-driven bully nothing better to do on OUR time and with OUR money than to keep suing the Trump Administration every few weeks?

Martha Coakley proves she’s an Equal Opportunity KleptocRAT, – she took campaign money from a company she’s supposed to be watching! By law,  Coakley as our AG is supposed to be our consumer watchdog over public providers – like National Grid. I guess buying yard signs and air time is more important right now? And this […]

Katie Prisco-Buxbaum: “Campaign finance laws?  Um, no thanks!” Isn’t it funny how big government Democrats never think laws and rules they’ve been part of passing – actually apply to them? So Ms. Katie is an up-and coming political wonk – a Democrat horse-holder working for Martha Coakley. Except, (Oops!) she’s legally working for Special Interest […]

Hello Charlie,

September 14th, 2013

You ~ may ~ remember our 2010 meeting in Boxborough…. You seemed too busy then to answer serious questions.  2010 didn’t go too well….   Recently some of your 2014 campaign emails have been forwarded to me, so now is your chance…. Where do you stand on the 2nd Amendment and Massachusetts Gun Laws?

She still can’t win convictions.  Speaker Bob DeLeo is breathing easier this morning, but John ‘Jack’ O’Brien still faces federal racketeering charges. At Issue: Did O’Brien force 50 Probation Department hires [many hired as favors to current and former House Speakers] to attend a fundraiser for Governor Candidate / State Treasurer Tim Cahill, – in […]

Steve Grossman’s Got Guts!

December 11th, 2012

Tim Cahill’s jury is still in deliberation, and Steve Grossman is advertising the Lottery – on the front page of the Herald – right above Coakley’s picture! BREAKING:  Wed 12 Dec – Timmy gets a HUNG JURY – Mistrial! BREAKING:  Co-Defendant Scott Campbell NOT guilty!

You’re gonna be Martha Coakley’s public whipping boy. Mass AttnyGen Martha Coakley needs to rewrite and rebuild her résumé quickly – before 2014 rolls around. By then she wants a clean shot at either Lurch’s senate seat or the corner office. But she has SO MUCH BAGGAGE! She needs a new start Tim, – and […]

Is somebody looking over her shoulder?  Martha famously said “…it isn’t illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts’. Martha has the next best thing to a no-show job.  She could see no evil when three Speakers of the Mass House were indicted.  She couldn’t see an assault when her own staffer pushed a reporter to the […]

 Will We Have To Hold Our Noses – Again? If Massachusetts Republicans are sitting around feeling content or even smug about Scott Brown’s victory, they better think again. Our governor’s race is about to get REAL nasty, – so very different from the crisp good vs evil Brown / Coakley contest.