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Terry was governor of Virginia (2014-2018) with baby-killing Dr. Ralph Northam as his LtGov.  Now he wants that job back,  – and his old buddy Bill Clinton came to town again to help him raise money. They’re both DIRTY!   Republicans have pounced! Virginia is a stronghold of Christian beliefs,  so the video ad plays up […]

Members of the crowd showed no respect or reverence for the dementia patient. McAuliffe is one of the most corrupt and dirty Democraps in the nation.  Why do Biden’s handlers think he needs to be seen supporting him…?

Democrats and their Propaganda Ministry allies have a HUGE PROBLEM – just in front of Trump’s 2019 SOTU Address Tuesday.  They’ve been harboring a racist baby-killer….and now they want to re-brand him as a ‘Republican’… As Northam weighs his options,  – remember that Hillary Clinton Cheerleader and potential presidential candidate himself – Terry McAuliffe,  ran […]

This is breaking news. Madman, disgruntled Democrat , – or AntiFA? Before the blood dries we’ll hear the usual Democrat Chorus singing their anti-gun serenade.  Just gotta ask – all the Trump-hate the left wing media has been churning,  – how much blame will they admit to…?   Now here come the blathering nuts:

Who is she scared of,  – Bernie or Megyn?   With Fox she can’t be guaranteed scripted softball questions…. …and she might not find enough supporters to fill the audience.  And there ~ might ~ be some really tough questions….about Chinese campaign money.

We can only hope your killer dies painfully as a result of a shoot-out with the troopers who are hunting him down. Americans,  if you don’t see a pattern developing,  you are BLIND! Meanwhile, due east in our nation’s capital…

Poor Virginia!

November 5th, 2013

The Government-owned slaves remained loyal to their masters;           – voted for the cartel candidate.  Fox projecting that McAuliffe squeaks out a narrow win – leaving him totally beholding to Hillary and Obama. See results map and the results of George Soros backing a ‘Libertarian’ stalking horse:

McAuliffe Dances With The Devil

November 4th, 2013

Terry McAuliffe – perhaps the most sleazy and corrupt candidate to ever run for governor in Virginia – seems a tad uncomfortable being endorsed by serial liar Obama.  Watch his head pivot and bob. This is what it looks like when you’re selling your soul to Obama – i.e. the Devil. You know your stuff is […]

The Dems in Virginia have a very dirty candidate for Governor.                                         FINALLY the Republicans are showing some FIGHT!