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Democrats and their Propaganda Ministry allies have a HUGE PROBLEM – just in front of Trump’s 2019 SOTU Address Tuesday.  They’ve been harboring a racist baby-killer….and now they want to re-brand him as a ‘Republican’… As Northam weighs his options,  – remember that Hillary Clinton Cheerleader and potential presidential candidate himself – Terry McAuliffe,  ran […]

This is breaking news. Madman, disgruntled Democrat , – or AntiFA? Before the blood dries we’ll hear the usual Democrat Chorus singing their anti-gun serenade.  Just gotta ask – all the Trump-hate the left wing media has been churning,  – how much blame will they admit to…?   Now here come the blathering nuts:

Who is she scared of,  – Bernie or Megyn?   With Fox she can’t be guaranteed scripted softball questions…. …and she might not find enough supporters to fill the audience.  And there ~ might ~ be some really tough questions….about Chinese campaign money.

We can only hope your killer dies painfully as a result of a shoot-out with the troopers who are hunting him down. Americans,  if you don’t see a pattern developing,  you are BLIND! Meanwhile, due east in our nation’s capital…

Poor Virginia!

November 5th, 2013

The Government-owned slaves remained loyal to their masters;           – voted for the cartel candidate.  Fox projecting that McAuliffe squeaks out a narrow win – leaving him totally beholding to Hillary and Obama. See results map and the results of George Soros backing a ‘Libertarian’ stalking horse:

McAuliffe Dances With The Devil

November 4th, 2013

Terry McAuliffe – perhaps the most sleazy and corrupt candidate to ever run for governor in Virginia – seems a tad uncomfortable being endorsed by serial liar Obama.  Watch his head pivot and bob. This is what it looks like when you’re selling your soul to Obama – i.e. the Devil. You know your stuff is […]

The Dems in Virginia have a very dirty candidate for Governor.                                         FINALLY the Republicans are showing some FIGHT!