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LA cops and ATF agents arrested a mystery man  – 56-year-old Dawud Abdulwali yesterday  – and charged him with arson for the December 8th Da Vinci fire. Seems they have video of ~ someone ~ carrying cans of gasoline to the 4th floor of the unfinished apartment complex,…which burned taking a city building with it […]

Obama Lectures UN Like Children

September 25th, 2012

Whose president does he think he is? He gave a 35 minute lecture to the world to the General Assembly –  then went and gave a shorter speech to the Clinton Global Initiative, where he blamed the violence in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Pakistan on the Mohammed video.

Vintage Mitt – 2008 & 1994 – betrays ignorance of terrorist group Hezbollah – and tells us the truth about ‘blind trusts’: 2008 – Mitt’s FIRST presidential run – he PRAISES Hezbollah for their medical delivery services in Lebanon, and in the next breath suggests that it must be ‘Moderate Muslims’ who reject violent extremists. 1994 – […]

Just 19 More Tuesdays

June 22nd, 2010

Hello Americans! Hard to believe in the muggy heat of this new Summer, – but there are just 19 more Tuesdays before we learn if we can correct our blunder and nudge our Young Republic back onto it’s Constitutional foundation, – or watch it destroy itself sliding further into the Soros-Pelosi-Obama brand of World Socialism. […]

Our Deer-in-the-Headlights Governor Duh-val Patrick embraces radical Roxbury Imam Abdullah Faarooq – and AGREES to his demands!  WHY?!?  Watch this video in bewilderment. 

Defeat House Bill 4102

July 10th, 2009

They’re at it again, – those knee-jerk anti-gun fanatics are once again trying to find ways to violate your Constitutional Rights and restrict your rights to own firearms.
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So that quietly ardent socialist, Massachusetts Governor Deval “Deer-in-the-Headights” Patrick, – OBummer’s college buddy – wants to restrict the sale, purchase, and ownership of guns. Under the guise of “fighting gun crime” – he wants you live defenseless in your home, and walk through dangerous neighborhoods unarmed. “Just call 911” says the Gov. Of course, he has a personal State Police protection detail, – even took them with him on vacation in Jamaica. But you don’t. You just have your firearms, – and the 2nd Amendment.