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For decades MassHoles sent the Murderer and the Traitor to the US Senate,  – then in time replaced them with the Squaw and Chevy Chase Eddie (– the guy who’s ONLY job ever was driving an ice cream truck). Now Arizona just replaced the Never-Trump open-borders Flake with the Girl in the Pink Tutu….

Them what lives in glass houses….. The Democrat’s smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore is harvesting unintended collateral damage…..

Some things just should not be recycled – like used toilet paper or used liberal senators.  Just ask Scott Brown – who made history by failing to be re-elected in two (2) states. Now former Indiana governor and former 2-term US Senator Evan Bayh – turned DC lobbyist – has been recruited by desperate Democrats […]

Tubby Ted – aka “The Swimmer” – is dead, as are many of the cursed Kennedy clan – and now Mark Ciardi is about to make the movie – “Chappaquiddick”. Mark has 10 movies to his credit as a director – 4 as an actor.

America’s First Crack pResident appears in Boston today at the dedication of the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Swimmer Institute.  He will present the “Swimming Against The Tide” award – posthumously – Thank God! It is only fitting that the man with so much blood on his hands honors the swimmer who couldn’t remember Mary Jo’s last […]

Replacing Massachusetts Windbags

December 27th, 2012

Will MassHoles run out of Kennedys? They’re still stunned from that cold January night in 2010 when the votes were counted and local DemDarling ‘Marsha’ Coakley came up short 109,425 votes.  Even a non-Kennedy Kennedy running as an independent couldn’t be blamed – he got a bare 22,237 votes – proving that some MassHoles will […]

Mitt Romney Praises Ted Kennedy

October 20th, 2011

Liberal Mitt praises über-liberal Ted, a touching moment to remember.

What Will She Talk About?

June 2nd, 2010

I ~ suppose ~ this is a little catty, but just what will “Miss Vicki” talk about to the graduating seniors of Harwich High?

You’ve just gotta know that Nancy Pelosi’s knickers are all in a twist.  Yesterday it was Eric Massa from NY 29th [“behavior” problems], – today its William Delahunt from Mass 10th [he’s seeing ghosts]! Next?  Niki Tsongas, are you NEXT?   Barney, – maybe you too?  Retirement calling?

Let’s face it, these last 40 years have been an economic disaster for Massachusetts.  Drive through any town or city in the state and you see the empty factories, empty mills, and empty lives.  Even buildings that once housed leading edge computer companies are now vacant.  We must reverse the business-hostile ethos that has dominated […]