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The Philips Lighting plant in Fall River is moving – to Mexico,  – away from the know-it-all Massachusetts Legislature,  – where Progressives and Gays can only think of filling the so-called “tax gap”. Brain-dead and corrupt,  Senator Squaw and her Ice Cream Man sidekick are ranting for President Trump “to do something” to save 160 […]

Isn’t it sad when love dies?  Hoffa and his Teamsters have had an epiphany – Obama is not their Chosen One, and ObamaCare is killing their union jobs! Hoffa just had that dreaded “Oh shit!” moment – when he realized the Democrats and Obama LIED, – and the Republicans were telling the truth. Read his blunt […]

Teamster President James Hoffa, Jr. – son of Jimmy Hoffa [Teamster President – disappeared and presumed murdered by the Mafia in July 1975] shows us a classic example of ‘the new political civility‘ in a Detroit speech preceding Obama’s Labor Day political speech. Note he refers to you as ‘those son of a bitches‘.  He […]