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Doctor and Teacher Fraud

February 20th, 2011

Watch the video below… look for instances of: On the part of the doctor; 1. Conspiracy to commit fraud (falsifying medical documents) 2. Committing fraud (generating false medical documents) On the part of the teacher (someone entrusted to teach our children); 1. Using fraudulent documents to take government funds (using false medical documents to continue […]

UPDATE: Friday, April 1st 2011: Judge George O’Toole sentenced him to 18 months and 5 years probation.  He got off easy.  He’ll be back. UPDATE: Wed, Dec 1st:  He pleaded GUILTY! UPDATE:  Tuesday, August 10th [Ugly – see below] ANOTHER ONE:  Andrew Cheever, 33 of Lowell [near Billerica] was arraigned on Dec 17th for having […]