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Suck it up Duh-val, Secure Communities is coming! Our Governor was counting on our 160,000 illegals as future Democrat voters, and of course he sees their 90,000 anchor babies as ‘clients’. It all fits into the liberal version of the Nanny Welfare State. But damn, some of those illegals have been killing Americans! And while […]

My thanks to all you Patriots who showed up to give testimony and show support for the Secure Communities Program. And a big Hat Tip to the small but highly professional Massasoit College Police Force. The large mob of protesters we fully expected didn’t show, just the usual suspects.

Michael Steele was supposed to be our Republican anti-Obama.  He was elected Chairman of the RNC after the 2008 McCain humiliation.  He is the former LtGov of Maryland, and was an unsuccessful Senate candidate.  He then became a Fox News contributor.  His first year as RNC Chair has been plagued with gaffs and missteps.    […]