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If you’re born as a Black baby in Baltimore,  – you’ll be damned lucky to make it to your 21st birthday. But your congressmen will blame Republicans,  – and your mayor will blame ‘guns’.

He used to drive an ice cream truck, until he found his 40-year career as a ‘government worker’. 4 years in the Mass Legislature + 36 years in Congress = travesty!

        Obama’s Performance, and what is ahead for all of us. Chalked up a 1.1T deficit, biggest since WWII, except for all his previous 3 deficits. Deficit is at 7% of GDP, above any year since Harry S Truman. Tax revenue is up 6.4%, probably due to the Bush-era tax cuts, which […]

It wasn’t a real debate – it was a media-driven ‘event’. I knew that because the lots all said ‘Event Parking – $20’. The Republicans supporters arrived to hold signs a bit late – they couldn’t come until after work.  The union folks were there in droves [$11.oo/hr] – donning white t-shirts and chanting as directed. […]

[youtube width=”504″ height=”314″][/youtube] Has it been awhile since you heard straight talk?

Massachusetts State Senator JamieBoy Eldridge was raised with ‘special needs’.  He needs to feel important, – in charge, and the center of attention. He needs to feel the groveling adoration of his humble MoonBat masses. He needs to decide how you should live, how much money is ‘too much’ for you to be allowed to […]

He builds homes, invests in small business [sometimes with bad results] and plays poker [with his own money].  And he’s Chairman of the Hernando County Republicans.  Here Blaise Ingoglia makes a clear and frightening case about our $14.3 Trillion national debt.  A worthy subject if your taxes are due by midnight Tuesday. [youtube width=”504″ height=”314″][/youtube]

But listen to his comments. He’s proud of this. He’s sure he’s more knowledgeable than the average citizen. Do you believe him? (Full disclosure: This video is from the George Thompson campaign. I think it provides a compelling reason to vote for George, not Jamie.) rr

I guess we can call this a “Failure to Learn” moment.  If the election of Scott Brown, and the coast-to-coast TEA Party rallies haven’t made an impression on this raging progressive congressman from California’s 36th District – what will?  Listen as she caters to her Tax-&-Spend Progressive constituents just four days ago.  Not a shred of hesitancy in her […]

The Sad Case Of PFC Rangel

October 8th, 2009

So now as one of the most senior and highly visible black members of Congress, Charlie hangs like a dead albatross around Nancy Pelosi’s neck.