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In the Land of the Politically Insane,  – there is at least one voice for Law and Reason. Seattle is in the news again – and again for all the wrong reasons.  The town that mandated $15.oo/hour for even entry-level floor sweeping,  – that had to dump a pervert mayor just 10 weeks ago – […]

They came – 20,000 millennials and a few aging hippies – to hear Bernie tell them that they can vote themselves a comfortable lifestyle – and never have to take responsibility for their own lives. It is the perfect message for those poorly educated weaklings unable or unwilling to compete for advancement in a capitalist […]

…they voted Sunday to keep receiving their big pension checks… …but their Socialist government has no way to pay them.

        Obama’s Performance, and what is ahead for all of us. Chalked up a 1.1T deficit, biggest since WWII, except for all his previous 3 deficits. Deficit is at 7% of GDP, above any year since Harry S Truman. Tax revenue is up 6.4%, probably due to the Bush-era tax cuts, which […]

Exploding Obama’s Lies

July 17th, 2011

 “The rich aren’t paying their fair share.”       Is he lying if he actually believes it? Doesn’t matter! He’s STILL LYING. Furthermore – we’re PAYING him to know better! So why is Obama lying?

Obama Blathers, Veep Sleeps

April 13th, 2011

Your undocumented pResident made yet another speech today – this time about the 2012 Budget.  He went to George Washington University to give it. It really wasn’t a budget speech.  It was reassurance to his left-wing base that he intends to continue spending programs, continue to borrow money, and his all-time favorite program – tax the […]