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In his desperate bid to remain a relevant figure in America’s race struggle,  Tax-Dodger and lifelong race-baiter Al Sharpton came to Tulsa Friday – “Juneteenth”. He should be deeply embarrassed by the tiny crowd he drew. He didn’t come to offer help or healing,  – he just bashed Trump.  video:

There MUST be, – otherwise why would Al Sharpton – America’s Premier Race Pimp – be returning for a 4-day weekend? Always the Best Dressed Man at any event, you just have to wonder where all his money comes from… How many American companies are still paying him an annual “Peacekeeping Fee”?

Most of you won’t remember the headline screaming case of 15-year old Tawana – whose false accusations of rape [‘by six white men’] thrust Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton onto the national stage. Watching parts of the George Zimmerman murder trial – I was struck by the similarities.  Al Sharpton and race-baiting are the common denominators.