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Taliban Hang ‘Em High In Herat!

September 25th, 2021

The city lies 450 miles west of Kabul – near the Iranian Border. The story is 4 guys attempted a kidnapping, – then lost a shootout with the local police. One was hung (maybe already dead) from a crane in the city square. It’s their country now;  and photos like this reinforce the image of […]

   Senate hearing today…Cruz is a Patriot;  – Blinken is a equivocating wimp…     Sickening to watch Blinken smirking at the end…

UPDATE: Sat am 4 Sept 2021 He came – it was a cluster-fuck! VIDEO:

He ~ thought ~ he’d make history by ending our longest war.

It’s only been 198 days since the Fake pResident was sworn in!

At RRB we’re sure China Joe has a glib answer to why the government forces are melting away as the Taliban come to town…. (Trump’s fault…?) We’ve seen this before – Vietnam in ’72 and ’75. 

147 Dead Kenyan Students,   21 Copts in Libya… Mister pResident – can you explain your anti-terrorism strategy again? So many different groups, – what do they all have in common?

UPDATE: Death toll rising to over 130… Reports of kids forced to watch teachers being burned alive. Attack aimed to demoralize Pakistan Army unit serving in the tribal areas – the school served the sons of soldiers. The ‘Brave Soldiers of Allah’ used a suicide bomb and followed up by spraying automatic rifle fire, – […]