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Nothing quite says unwelcome visitor like Molotov Cocktails!  There was no need for Obama to visit Greece – other than his enormous ego. Greece is a failed socialist state,  and their conspicuous bankruptcy made worse by a hundred thousand unwanted,  uninvited,  and seriously ungrateful Syrian refugees,  – from the war Obama started against Syria’s Assad.

We’re starting to see the parts of a very disciplined campaign – as this ad is focused on the so-called battleground states…. Does a nice job of defining the issues…

Strong / foul language alert:  this is so spot-on that despite the language – your teenage kids should watch it with you. If only our Mainstream Media would point out hypocrisy like Paul does… Your teenagers SHOULD watch, because it’s way more important that they understand left-wing hypocrisy – than that they know what the […]

Seems he’s found a pretty good metaphor… How about freezing ALL immigration – for two years…?  You know,  – until we get all the Clinton and Kerry idiots and traitors out of our State Department….

This dash-cam video is ~ believed ~ to have been filmed in Northern France….

Shameless lying bastard uses photo of an Indonesian schoolgirl on his WH web site to suggest she is a White House staffer…. BUT, it turns out the staffer is a Vietnamese refugee girl….which you won’t learn unless you read deeply,…something his Muslim audience is unlikely to do….

GOP Contenders Getting Feisty

November 25th, 2015

With Trump way out in front,  the contenders for the VP spot are attacking each other,  – and we get some great political ads… Rubio made the mistake of attacking Ted Cruz’s rejection of the NSA re-authorization.  The Courageous Conservative PAC quickly fired back. Video below the fold:

Thank You Governor Charlie Baker!

November 17th, 2015

Baker tells Obama “No Thanks!” on Syrian ‘refugees’!   Whew! Finally,  some Republican / American BACKBONE in a Massachusetts elected official…  Who knew!?! Folks, in this ooey-gooey state – this took guts!

“Refugees” HELL!

September 13th, 2015

King Abdullah has been very decent with the US.   Obama will now mass the forces of the Muslim  Brotherhood against him.  By now most thinking people understand Obama’s game. He’s squarely on the side of [or in the midst of] the Muslim Brotherhood.  One-by-one the countries of the Middle East are being taken down,  essentially handed […]