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You ~ might ~ say that the people living closest to the so-called ‘Palestinians’ are just a little put off by some of Lurch’s latest posturing and threats…. The Yesha [settlers] Council produced a short video [below the fold] totally mocking Kerry. What’s really funny is that

Obama is returning from his $100+ Million Dollar African ‘tour’.  While he was over there – Egypt has erupted in anti-Morsi and anti-Muslim Brotherhood revolt.  Obama’s name is being linked to both in the streets.   These are very bad legacy points. What sage advice can Susan Rice give to her returning boss?

Just one (1) week after being named White House National Security Advisor – former paid professional liar Susan Rice has forced CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell to ‘retire‘ – ending his 33 year career. He knows too much.  He’ll likely be Obamacided.

Obama moves Leaker Donilon OUT, – Liar Rice IN! A move so brazenly corrupt only a traitor would make it! As of this morning Tom Donilon has resigned as White House National Security Advisor.  Obama has named current UN Ambassador Susan (Liar) Rice to replace him.  This he can do without Senate confirmation – which […]

Had he ever studied military science, Pfeiffer would know he’s been assigned a suicide mission. His task was to hold the bridge-head while the main force retreats across the river to safer, more defensible ground. He was expected to be brave, but he is expendable. On Sunday Sept 16th last year – with the blood […]

Your Morning Puke

January 24th, 2013

At 10:54 – a protestor is ejected –

Still suffering through Obama’s 1st term, – it’s increasingly hard for me to stomach John McCain’s liberal sympathies. This time it’s his rather open lobbying for Lurch [Vietnam War traitor] to become SecState. We’re told he believes Lurch would be better than Susan Rice [lifetime liar] for the job. Really John?

It’s not racism, it’s not sexist. It’s a matter of the TRUTH! UN Ambassador Susan Rice has proven herself many times over to be a willing liar – a reliable parrot for the Obama Cartel. Racism and sexism are not factors.  It was a Republican president – George Bush – who appointed the First Two Black […]

The Real Benghazi Plot?

November 27th, 2012

Foul internet rumor; – or stark ugly truth? Did the Benghazi Massacre start as an Obama re-election plot, only to go terribly awry?  Was it really a fake kidnapping – to make Obama look good in October, keeping the press focused on his ‘presidential actions’? Did Stevens and his bodyguards die so Obama could get […]