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Michael Daniel was Obama’s Cyber Czar.  Now – damn near 2 years later – he testified before a Senate Committee that he was preparing counter-measures against the Russians – and was ordered to “Stand Down”. Looking for “Russian Collusion”?   Why isn’t Mueller investigating Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and Obama?

Buried in Congressman Devin Nunes’ letter to the Director of National Intelligence is a political bombshell:  An Obama official – one with no apparent need – made hundreds of requests for unmasking American citizens. And many were followed immediately by leaks to the media.

There will be many such moments in the years to come which will demonstrate clearly just how inept, pathetic, dishonest, and racist the entire Obama Administration was,  and how miserably the American People were served. A recent interview for New York Magazine peeled the cover right off Susan Rice!  She didn’t hesitate – she played […]

Susan Rice no longer controls her fate.   If last year she had visions of becoming SecSTATE to President Hillary,…her biggest problem today is staying out of prison. Her trusted former boss Barack Obama will hang her out to dry.   To prevent her from testifying under oath to Congress,  – and later in court,…he will most […]

Let’s see if this long-time racist Obama Toady will take the fall by herself,…or try to stay out of prison… Remember her lying to the nation and the world after Benghazi? Remember how Obama wanted her for SecState?    What’s he got left to offer?   Who else was involved?   Jarrett?

Chinese Aides Yell At Susan Rice

September 3rd, 2016

The ‘tone’ is very frosty for Obama’s final visit. Our ‘prize-winning Black wonder-kid’ is getting only minimum lip service from the Chinese,  – who disrespect him by yelling at Susan Rice and a press aide.

Breaking:  – analysis of the secret emails – indicates that Hillary and her key career guardians – Cheryl Mills and Phil Reines – were maneuvering, lying, covering up, and thwarting rescue efforts, – all to protect ‘their future First Woman President’. UNDERSTANDING THE BENGHAZI ATTACK:

Because after all, – they’re all just SO much smarter than George W. Bush! At 1 PM today Susan “LIAR” Rice – Obama’s first choice to be SecState, – who occupies the fall-back position of White House Security Advisor – will address the Brookings Institute to explain Obama’s policy of “Strategic Patience” toward ISIS and […]

Bill Whittle explains who in the White House are TRAITORS! And it only takes him 6 minutes!

Why should she stop lying?  It’s working just fine so far… CAUTION:  If you’re an American Patriot – this video will turn your stomach! Not only ‘not sorry’ – but totally arrogant about it…