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In overturning the Texas abortion law 5-3,  Justices Breyer, Ginsberg, Kennedy, Sotomayor, and Kagan, – essentially declare unborn babies have no meaning.  These ‘judges’ are without souls. We need President Trump,  and better judges on the Court! Democrats clamor for “Gun Control”.   But really,  – what damned difference does it make to them if babies are […]

Today they sound a lot like the Bernie Babes,… “I hate Trump – I can’t vote for him, – I’ll write in somebody else…”. And to think that all this time I believed that only Democrats and RiNOs were blindly stupid about politics….

With snow still on the ground – it doesn’t feel like just 5 short months to the GOP Convention in Cleveland….and the increasingly likely nomination of Donald Trump… Watch the GOP Establishment Hacks go into anxiety overload between now and Super Tuesday – March 1st. It’s guaranteed to be ugly, – a RiNO Stampede!

Making A Republican Statement

December 27th, 2014

And shopping in a great Christian store!

Unanimous!   All Nine (9) Justices tell Obama he went over the line with his fake NLRB “recess appointments”. Upholds DC Court of Appeals ruling of Jan 2013. Yes it takes this long for cases to grind through the system. The case centers around Obama’s catering to UNIONS [surprised?] – specifically the Machinists of Boeing […]

Arizona SB 1070 Immigration Law DECISION: Police officers can still ask about immigration status when they’ve stopped a person for a valid reason – AND have reason to suspect they’re dealing with an illegal. The Court’s decision guts the other three provisions of Arizona’s SB1070 regarding carrying papers, and working. But the decision language gives […]

Hey Scott Brown, – are you listening?