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Even as the media,  Senator Squaw, and the Liar of Benghazi talk about Trump’s ‘attitude’ toward women,  three powerful women have just formed a super-PAC to help get him elected. You ~ might ~ say they’re not thrilled [aka horrified] at the thought of our First Woman President being Vince Foster’s murderer… The best part?  […]

He was doing a series of town halls in South Carolina with RiNO Lindsey Graham, – who asked the crowd “How many of you are Republicans?” Jeb’s hand stayed down – goofy grin plastered on his face… Then Lindsay asked “…how many are Democrats?”….see embarrassing video: 

The ‘EXPERTS’ have been telling us that Willard is ‘the MOST electable’.  Now an anti-Romney super-pac [which favors Newt] is about to release a hard-hitting movie – which ~ may ~ shatter the myth of Mitt as a ‘jobs creator’.  This could get ugly.  Too bad the MassGOP under Maginn has put all our eggs […]