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There are people in America today celebrating the silencing of their political enemies on social media…     …too bad they never studied History….

Who brainwashed these young would-be thugs that this is the way to achieve Racial Justice in the USA…?   Did they learn this in school – instead of History?

Depending on where you live (see map below the fold) you should adjust your travel plans Saturday to avoid the 21st Century version of Hitler’s SA thugs – the Sturmabteilung. Some people never learn from History; – others don’t want to.

For 2017 their cover story is that ‘Trump is a racist’,  his supporters are “Fascists” – i.e. bad guys;  – and they are the “Good Guys” fighting this new evil…. Actually – the exact opposite is the real truth.   If you’d learned any history you know we are seeing a replay of Germany in […]

They call themselves “anti-Fascists”;   but they’re using the exact tactics of Hitler and his SA Storm Troopers…. It seems they don’t understand the difference between “Free Speech” and violence and assault,…and terrorism.

Nothing quite says “Hard-Working Immigrant Dreamer” like sucker-punching a Trump supporter…. The left-wing media will manage to blame this on “Trump’s racist words”,  – but I see this as the inevitable result of 7+ years of treating illegals as “undocumented Americans” and making them feel entitled to special privileges… Disturbing videos below the fold.

An interesting perspective from an unusual witness – an off-duty Black Tucson police officer…. Trump’s talk and the ejected protester below the fold: