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Is Soros paying for this desperate Stop Trump attempt? Cruz will have a ‘clear path‘ in Indiana,  – while Kasich gets a ‘clear path‘ in Oregon and New Mexico…. Can either of them see they’re being used by Soros and the GOP insider traitors….? One thing a long primary process WILL DO….is bring out the […]

Chocolate Pants has been busy making phone calls since last Tuesday – he’s lining up the Patsies,  the Pussies and the RiNOs for his glorious re-election.  He SO needs the limelight….you know,…he’s ego-driven and coin-operated. His phone targets are the known go-along RiNOs and the newly-elected Charlie Baker flunkies on the 80-member MassGOP State Committee.  […]

America’s biggest SORE LOSER since John McCain unleashes his daggers at the GOP frontrunner.   WHY? Mitt still leads a small battered shell-shocked band of ‘GOP Insiders’,  – the guys who are so much like Democrats it’s near-impossible to tell the difference.  And they are affronted by and afraid of a President Trump?   You betcha’!