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If Bloomberg was thinking his trip this weekend to Selma,  – to mark the 55th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday,  – would help him win Black votes, – – he was given a cold rude reality wake-up. He was given a chance to speak, but parishioners in Selma’s Brown Chapel AME Church rose and turned their […]

This One’s On YOU de Blasio

September 17th, 2015

Carey W. Gabay, Esquire is dead.  He lay in a coma – a bullet in his head for 10 days,  – since the West Indian J’Ouvert Festival in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  STOP-&-FRISK ~ might ~ have prevented it. But NY City’s lifelong Communist mayor – Bill de Blasio, – thinks Stop-Question-&-Frisk is a racist tactic,  […]