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Once the Civil War ended in 1865,  the Democrat Party had to fall back on their old reliables,  – lying, blame-casting, and buying votes with taxpayer money. Today one of Connecticut’s most prominent serial liars finds himself in a fight with our President.  As Trump points out – he’s on damned shaky ground.

A Fraud Wannabe Revealed

July 22nd, 2014

I post this only to remind people that not everything / everyone is as it appears. There have always been people who wanted / needed to be seen as heroic warriors – even if they never lifted a spear. In this case – two off-duty Marines – in the area for a funeral detail – […]

Wanna Be A War Hero?

June 30th, 2012

Just go buy some medals and tell folks you’re a bloomin’ hero! That OTHER atrocious Supreme Court decision:  Justice Kennedy has just protected your right to tell lies about your ‘deeds of courage, sacrifice, and valor’. Go ahead, – buy a uniform, – wear some medals, – strut about, tell war stories, [be sure to tell […]