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A failing US Economy is exactly what China wants! 

Has Wall Street Finally Woken Up?

February 25th, 2021

Joe Biden is a career cheat,  plagiarizer,  grifter,  and kleptocrat, – who now is obviously suffering from dementia…. After 5 weeks of denial and rising stocks,  have the big money investors begun to sell off – while they can…? How long before Joe is blundering through his first big international crisis – advised by VP […]

The stock market drops a ‘whopping’ 3.39%,  – and you’d think somebody dropped an atomic bomb on London… OK, the DOW drops 611 points,…just how jittery were investors when they went to bed Wednesday night?  Why hadn’t they already sold off?  I’m hardly an expert,  but it sure seems that folks with CASH are in […]

“Let Them Eat Food Stamps!”

September 24th, 2011

A bridge too far?  A bracelet too much? Obama Stuck on Stupid? Obama wants what he wants – when he wants it!  It is the would-be dictator in him.  Thursday he flew Air Force One once again – to Cincinnati – to DEMAND that Congress pass a spending bill for another ‘shovel ready project‘ – […]