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4,900 Democrats – still haunted by Scott Brown – and still demanding unconditional abortion – select Steve Grossman as their Candidate for Governor. Coakley was snubbed with a 23% vote,  while newcomer Don Berwick is on the ballot with 22%. Now BOTH Republicans and Democrats have a primary ballot battle.

Steve Grossman’s Got Guts!

December 11th, 2012

Tim Cahill’s jury is still in deliberation, and Steve Grossman is advertising the Lottery – on the front page of the Herald – right above Coakley’s picture! BREAKING:  Wed 12 Dec – Timmy gets a HUNG JURY – Mistrial! BREAKING:  Co-Defendant Scott Campbell NOT guilty!

Democratic political insider – former Chair of the MassDEMS and the DNC – Steve Grossman has just taken office as the Treasurer of Massachusetts.  He beat Republican Karyn Polito last November.  Today both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald are questioning his campaign contributions.  They say “he broke no laws”.  He just looks like […]