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Between their 23 White House Wannabes on the campaign trail,  and their 280 elected fellow travelers back on Capitol Hill,  the Democrat / Progressive / Socialist Party has just spent 2½ years furiously digging themselves a very ugly image problem. Part of it was that their Chosen Queen Hillary lost a rigged election, – part […]

Stephen Ira Cohen – from Tennessee’s 9th CD (Memphis) is a very odd duck indeed.  He’s Jewish, an attorney from a mediocre law school,  – a wildly liberal progressive,  – and obnoxious to the core. Republicans should show the picture of this chicken-eating fool (along with Ilhan Omar and AOC) as the face of the […]

36 year Democrat politician, – in Congress since 2007 – calls the TEA Party “Domestic Enemies”!  He has previously labeled the Republican opposition to ObamaCare as ‘telling lies like Goebbels’. He also thought a Victoria Secret model was his daughter. She’s not. Video below the fold: