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It seems the State Democrat ‘Powers’ have a chosen candidate in mind to follow do-nothing Tsilent Tsongas,  – and it isn’t Acton’s JamieBoy!  He’s backing out early. You’d have to ask Stephen Lynch what that’s like;  – he ~ thought ~ he was running to replace Lurch a few years back…then Markey the Clown ran […]

25 years in government…..7 on Beacon Hill and now 16 in Congress,  and this pot-smoking drunk, – former Union President turned lawyer,  – who never served a day in uniform,  – is suddenly using sick veterans as political stepping stones. Where was your ‘concern’ these past 25 years Stephen?

Prestigious Boston hospital shamelessly sucks up your tax $$ – to study FAT LESBIANS!?! The National Institute of Health grants B&W … ……$1.5 Million – borrowed Chinese dollar$ – for a 5-year study of why so many lesbians are obese. All of this begs the question…