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It was barely 4 years ago Baltimore was BURNING!  Freddie Gray – a troubled Black youth,  had died in a paddy wagon,  and Baltimore’s Black population accused the Police of killing him.  Then-mayor Rawlings-Blake told the police to let the town burn. Now their new mayor – Cantering Pugh – is on Leave of Absence […]

Yet another reason why it sucks to live in Baltimore;  – their new mayor can’t hire any cleaner goons than the last mayor. Darryl,  try to get a refund from your tailor;  – he measured your sleeves way to short.   Surprised Elijah missed the photo-op….?  

Mob Rule Comes To Baltimore

October 15th, 2015

The process of rebuilding one of America’s most troubled cities took a big step back last night as an angry mob of Black citizens occupied Baltimore City Hall. They’ve lost all confidence in their glamorous Black female Democrat mayor – Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. They’re demanding that the Police Chief be an elected position…

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake delayed a long long time before asking Governor Hogan for help with her race riot,  even as looting and burning was spreading. Seems she hadn’t thought about a curfew until reporters asked her… Another case of voters electing a person they ‘identify with’ – instead of someone able to handle the worst of […]