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A Failure To Reload

February 2nd, 2012

His Royal Teleprompters – same speech – year-to-year! Remember 2008, when Liberals were telling us this vacuous fraud was a ‘21st Century Genius’?  BTW, you PAY his speechwriters. Are they using WhiteOut – or Find and Replace?

…and fails at it wonderfully. I hope this guy keeps it up for the next two years. It reminds me of a saying: “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” I pray that he gets himself a payloader instead of a shovel. Remarks like: “Invest in Education”, “Invest in High-Speed Rail”, “Invest in […]

Why Is Obama So Angry At Us?

January 29th, 2010

For a man who’s led a charmed life, Barack Obama always sounds angry?  Why?    Wednesday night Obama delivered the longest most rambling and disconnected SotU address in history.  In a speech laden with sarcasm, he scolded and lectured everybody including the Democrats, the Republicans, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the American People, banks, […]

Obama’s Not Feelin’ The Love

December 18th, 2009

Poor Obama! Wherever he flys these days,  he just isn’t feeling the love.  Let’s see – he’s been to France, Moscow [they wouldn’t shake his hand], Africa, China, Japan, Oslo, Copenhagen [twice], West Point, Fort Hood, Boston, NAS Jacksonville, Old Dominion U, UN HQ in NYC, Martha’s Vineyard, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Buchenwald, Cairo, Riyadh, Las […]