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Crime just runs in some families.   Young Son-in-Law Marc Mezvinsky was an up-and-coming hedge fund manager,…for a little while…. But things in Greece went bust – then buster still….

Funny things happen at the State Department when Obama is out of the country,  – some folks suddenly find their patriotism…. Imagine that this ‘finding’ took a full 3½ YEARS!

In his brief 14 months as Pentagon Press Spokesperson under Chuck Hagel,  Kirby cut such an amateurish and pathetic figure that upon taking office,  Ash Carter promptly fired him. And of course John Kerry gave him a new job!  Kerry hired him to replace reliable liar Jen Psaki – who was moving on to Obama’s White House.  […]

When you were a kid your parents warned you: “You’ll be judged by the company you keep!” These traitors all keep very bad company.  They’ve been expecting to be rewarded with important White House jobs in Hillary’s Administration.  So they’ve been covering her tracks – now despite Judge Sullivan’s orders.

FACT:  Two (2) Inspector Generals at the State Department have referred the case of Hillary’s email scandals to the Justice Department – for further investigation as a criminal matter. FACT:    That should have been CONFIDENTIAL! But somehow – the NY Times got the story….

Michael McFaul discovers Russians really are thugs.  And they don’t like us, – don’t trust us, – and really don’t respect us any more. When your bosses are spineless liars like Hillary, Lurch, and Obama,  – you have few options left. McFaul is quitting. McFaul is a typical know-it-all liberal – Stanford and Oxford – who […]

A move so brazenly grotesque and dumb that only John Kerry could make it! Just days after the beheading of Drummer Rigby, – Stockholm still burning, – and Hillary’s personal liar Victoria Nuland is being promoted to AsstSecState for Europe and Eurasian Affairs. How is anybody expected to teach Ethics in Government with a straight […]