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I would have loved watching Ron Kaufman’s face as the votes were being counted. It wasn’t the news he thought he’d be calling Charlie FAKER with. 47 – 30 may not seem big to many RRB Readers,  – but compared to January 2017 when the Mouseketeer won an undeserved re-election,  it is nothing short of a […]

MassGOP Housecleaning March 1st

February 16th, 2016

If you consider yourself a Patriot,  a Conservative,  and/or a Republican in Massachusetts,  – READ THIS BLOG ENTRY!  Then share it with your neighbors. It happens every 4 years – the Presidential Preference Primary;…and along with it some other elections most folk know nothing about.

I can only imagine the phone calls, emails and texts! Mitt just got his Etch-a-Sketch shaken in Louisiana; – Santorum beat him decisively 49% – 27%. Other than Carpetbagger-strewn Florida, Mitt has YET to win a Southern State! If you can’t win the South, …you can’t win.

A New MassGOP Born?

March 9th, 2012

Quietly and with very little fanfare, Mass Republican Voters went to the polls Tuesday and picked Mitt Romney as their favorite to beat Obama. And across the state they also voted in 38 NEW members to the State Committee. Two more contests await the counting of write-ins. By all that’s fair – it should signal the Dawn […]

Nassour’s resignation was a blessing…. D O N’T  B L O W  I T ! In 7 short days you’ll gather in Newton to elect a new Republican Chairman. If you accept his bribes or bow to the Romney pressure – you’ll vote for Bob Maginn. If you do you’ll likely help lose the 2012 […]