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The Seattle coffee merchant has always been openly left-wing.  Now, with American lives at stake as Muslims are killing us,  – he says he’ll be hiring 10,000 ‘refugees’ instead of US Citizens. Guess who had his last cup of Starbuck’s bitter anti-American brew?

President Starbucks?

August 3rd, 2015

Panic Time!!   ANY–body but Hillary? Would he be – by default – a Latte Liberal?   Are Democrats so desperate they’d actually consider running a successful businessman [non-union stores] – one who caters to the despised upper classes?

Just how many Sociologists have been reduced by the Obama Economy to working as baristas at Starbucks?  Now these frustrated prissy know-it-alls are going to tell us how to be better humans? Is there an end ~ anywhere ~ to the arrogance of liberals?