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Divorce is always a messy and painful process,  made worse when everything is out in full public view.  It seems the Clintons are divorcing the Obamas – and are being very snarky about it. Remember as you watch this 1 minute clip – the Clintons almost NEVER say anything by accident or ‘off the cuff’. Every word […]

2013: Our Summer Of Thuggery

August 23rd, 2013

RIP: Delbert ‘Shorty’ Belton – 88 – WWII Veteran, wounded on Okinawa. You didn’t deserve this Shorty – none of us do.  But we’re seeing a lot of Black-on-White crime this summer.  Is it the Trayvon verdict,  or Obama’s indifference, – or both? Know these goons? Call Major Crimes at (509) 477-5980 UPDATE: 11 am Spokane […]