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Paul Ryan vows to serve based on the principles that founded America.  Freedom, Responsibility and Liberty.  It’s about time!  Ryan is proud to be chosen.  Romney made an excellent choice.  The Tea Party has someone to rally with.  Americans can vote for the Romney ticket and be assured that our country will be returned to […]

Biden Kowtows To Red Chinese

August 24th, 2011

   Our Village Idiot is a most willing clown. America’s #2 Public Humiliation – Vice President Joe Biden – flew to China to reassure them that ~ somehow ~ we’ll tax enough billionaires to ~ someday ~ pay back all the money they’ve lent us. The Chinese used this willing fool to full advantage.  He […]

…and fails at it wonderfully. I hope this guy keeps it up for the next two years. It reminds me of a saying: “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” I pray that he gets himself a payloader instead of a shovel. Remarks like: “Invest in Education”, “Invest in High-Speed Rail”, “Invest in […]

Obama: The T-Shirt Presidency

January 13th, 2011

How a pResident proves himself emotionless. Obama flew into Tucson yesterday on “a mission of healing”.  Yeah, sure. Obeying the mantra of not letting a crisis go to waste, he turned a solemn event into a campaign stop – complete with free souvenir t-shirts.  Tacky is suddenly an inadequate word.

Last night’s self-serving speech by our undocumented pResident marked a real low point in his pResidency.  I was watching for a glimmer of grace, a shred of leadership, a fleeting moment of greatness.  There was none of that.  Speaking from his newly and darkly redecorated office, once again it was “All about Me!”

Rush Limbaugh: “Obama Did Everything He Could to Ensure Defeat in Iraq” I remain amazed that Obama has the gall to appear before Disabled Veterans.

Obama Tosses Israel Under The Bus!

September 23rd, 2009

Today was a very sad day for our nation Americans, – and for the whole world. Today our pResident tossed another country – sixty-year ally Israel under the bus to join Georgia, the Czech Republic and Poland. Speaking before the UN General Assembly he began with what sounded like your basic campaign speech by someone […]