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Great idea Sean!    He knows the job,  – he’s done the job, – he’s an economist and a historian, – and he believes in our Constitution! And,…it would drive the DemoCraps deeper into insanity!

In the process of choosing a replacement for departing RiNO Speaker John Boehner, – the one problem we don’t need is a rumor growing legs about two Reps having an ongoing affair. But where there’s smoke… Remember that the Speaker is #2 in line to be President – should anything take out the President and the […]

New Cellmate Chuck!

June 15th, 2011

 G U I L T Y ! Jury is in.  Former Massachusetts Speaker of the House of Representatives – Democrat Sal DiMasi – was found GUILTY of Conspiracy,  Mail & Wire Fraud [x 6 counts] and Extortion.  He could get 25 years.  Move over Chuck Turner – you’re getting a cellmate. Sal’s co-defendant Richard McDonough […]