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We can only bear our ignominious disgrace in stoic silence, – since RiNOs outnumber Patriots on the 80-member State Committee,  and you don’t get another chance to dump them until March 2016. Just 86 days ago our voters elected a RiNO as governor [yes, Charlie was way better than Coakley] and sent all 8 incumbent […]

Heaps praise on sell-out RiNO back-stabber George Peterson. All these liberal bastards sold out your 2nd Amendment guarantee of self-defense – to coddle both the gun-phobic and the true socialists – who want the population totally disarmed. Bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece – the Proud Free Republic our founders and our grandfathers fought for – and died for, […]

She still can’t win convictions.  Speaker Bob DeLeo is breathing easier this morning, but John ‘Jack’ O’Brien still faces federal racketeering charges. At Issue: Did O’Brien force 50 Probation Department hires [many hired as favors to current and former House Speakers] to attend a fundraiser for Governor Candidate / State Treasurer Tim Cahill, – in […]