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Now age 26,  – we’re guessing that Obama wasn’t much of a positive influence as Tyler was growing into manhood….

He’s the North Carolina Democrat running for the US Senate. His secret private life has just exploded in the press,  – and it can only end badly for him.  VIDEO:

Some traveling music as Tom flies back to California:

Looks like the pollsters better rework their techniques!! Around our Young Republic,  Democrats and Millennials are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find their 2020 challenger to Trump.   South Carolina votes tomorrow (Saturday, Feb 29th ),  – and the ranting old man with obvious mental impairments is seriously leading the old man who still admires […]

There is something very wrong inside poor Joe’s head!  Maybe those hair plugs were set in too deep – and the roots grew down into his brain? To make such a wild-assed ranting claim like this in a critical debate should cause his family to have him examined. Some sane commentary by Colion Noir:

There are two (2) classic ways commies come to POWER;   fool the voters,  – or bloody armed revolution – in unarmed countries. Bill de Blasio has run New York City to the teetering edge of bankruptcy,  – but that hasn’t dampened his Tall Man Syndrome.   He wants to be President,  – so he went sniffing […]

He was doing a series of town halls in South Carolina with RiNO Lindsey Graham, – who asked the crowd “How many of you are Republicans?” Jeb’s hand stayed down – goofy grin plastered on his face… Then Lindsay asked “…how many are Democrats?”….see embarrassing video: 

Lindsey Graham is a FAKE Republican. This year South Carolina can end the embarrassment and send him home! Check out a real Conservative:

South Carolina Dist Judge Richard Gergel [Obama appointee] blocks SC immigration law SB-20. Governor Nikki Haley’s appeal will likely join AZ, TX, and AL before John Roberts and the Supremes. When picking our next president, be mindful of the power he/she will have in appointing judges at EVERY federal level. Gergel pictured with lifelong race-baiter […]