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There are two (2) classic ways commies come to POWER;   fool the voters,  – or bloody armed revolution – in unarmed countries. Bill de Blasio has run New York City to the teetering edge of bankruptcy,  – but that hasn’t dampened his Tall Man Syndrome.   He wants to be President,  – so he went sniffing […]

He was doing a series of town halls in South Carolina with RiNO Lindsey Graham, – who asked the crowd “How many of you are Republicans?” Jeb’s hand stayed down – goofy grin plastered on his face… Then Lindsay asked “…how many are Democrats?”….see embarrassing video: 

Lindsey Graham is a FAKE Republican. This year South Carolina can end the embarrassment and send him home! Check out a real Conservative:

South Carolina Dist Judge Richard Gergel [Obama appointee] blocks SC immigration law SB-20. Governor Nikki Haley’s appeal will likely join AZ, TX, and AL before John Roberts and the Supremes. When picking our next president, be mindful of the power he/she will have in appointing judges at EVERY federal level. Gergel pictured with lifelong race-baiter […]