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Years ago I stopped trusting the FBI.  Recently, their claim that Kim Jung-un and his NorKs hacked Sony Pictures seemed a tad quick, and ~ maybe ~ a bit brash…? Then suddenly the North Korean internet went dark,  a clear demonstration of US cyber war prowess. But still the doubts lingered, – how could the […]

Al Sharpton emerges as Capo-di-tutti-Capi of the “Racial Forgiveness and Atonement” racket. Jesse Jackson is going to be REALLY PISSED, – that used to be HIS rice bowl. Sharpton makes a ‘deal’ with Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal [she of the racist Obama emails] – giving him a say-so on how movies are made.  There […]

While Obama was busy droning ISIS,  pulling out of Afghanistan,  and ignoring our Southern Border, – Kim Jung-un – the demented Napoleonic runt leader of North Korea has apparently hacked Sony Pictures so completely they’ve been forced to stop film production. Now they’ve threatened to bomb any theater showing the movie “The Interview” – a […]