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              “Obama is not a normal president…he is a revolutionary…” Listen at the 13 minute mark when she discusses the MSM “…how do we protect Barack Obama today?”   This is highly worth 45 minutes of your time!              Please share this video with your politically uninvolved friends.

    “…stop being afraid of the government!”   “…ObamaCare worse than Slavery!” I’d really like to see this guy in Congress or the White House!

Good Morning Americans, Most of you are busy doing Christmas shopping,  planning little trips over the holidays,  and just starting to worry about doing your 2009 income tax.   We’re well aware that a few of you are worried about those end-of-the-year pink slips.  Our pResident has done nothing to reassure investors that our economic future […]

Hello Americans! My Congresswoman – Niki Tsongas of the Mass 5th is holding a series of Tell-a-fluff and Town Hall meetings to explain her position on ObamaCare.  She’s running into some pretty stiff and outspoken resistance from her constituents, – and her handling of us is very revealing. In her telephone conference call,  – people […]