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Somewhere near half your relatives and townspeople have been exhibiting insanity – some for over a year.  They wanted either a socialist throwback,  a sociopathic liar,  or a dynasty RiNO as our next President. And none of them have ever even read,  – much less studied,  – our Constitution.   It’s time for YOU to step […]

Refusing bipartisanship by not agreeing to the cuts offered by the Republicans, the Democrats are forcing the US government into shutdown mode.   At any point in this process, the Dems could have agreed to the cuts, averting the much ballyhooed shutdown.  But they refused.  Stubborn to the point of saying nyah nyah nyah nyah to […]

This pathetic little vignette explains why America went for Obama, and why we remain in deep doo-doo. Two Acton-Boxborough Young Republicans were doing a voter registration drive in front of the local grocery store Sunday morning.  Along comes a lady of ~ about ~ my vintage who,  when approached told the kids she was not […]

With the fate of Representative Democracy, Individual Freedom, and Free Enterprise hanging in the balance, we wait to see how many of the 60 Socialist Senators will commit treason by voting for this massive fraud of a “health care” bill. Our Founding Fathers would have had these men and women tried and shot or hung. The very least we can do is make their remaining days obnoxiously uncomfortable, – then vote their treasonous asses OUT!