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With the Obama Cartel doing their damnedest to brand him a racist, this appearance took a lot of courage. He tells it like it is. He took a few boos, – and kept going. Now to see Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday, July 12th…

How Obama Just Won The Standoff

December 22nd, 2011

Three words: Asymmetric Political Warfare. Our valiant 2011 Republican House Warriors just caved on Obama’s plan for a Continuing Resolution – and with it the continuation of ‘the tax cut’. Obama won.  The phony ‘tax cut’ will continue for two months – and likely throughout this next election year. The Republicans think they got a […]

Bracing For Obamageddon

July 19th, 2011

 ATTENTION: Republicans and TEA Parties There is a 90% likelihood that in 3 short weeks – your pResident will pull one of history’s dirtiest political tricks. He will short-pay many of the elderly on their Social Security and military retirement checks. Why?  He’ll do it as a club to bludgeon the life out of both […]