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Snake-Oil ALERT Folks,  our Socialist-in-Chief is due in Nashua, NH for a “Town Hall” meeting Tuesday – Ground Hog Day.  He’s coming to explain to us – very slowly this time – why we’re being so stupid to oppose the George Soros Grand Takeover Plan. 

Which Obama Will We See Tonight?

September 9th, 2009

Good Wednesday Morning Americans! With his personal approval rating at it’s lowest point ever, and ObamaCare bleeding out from wounds in town halls across the land, our Narcissist-in-Chief will make a desperate attempt at a political comeback tonight before a hurriedly called Joint Session of Congress.  The very fact that Obama needed to call this Joint […]

. . . from the same inept and corrupt government that can’t deliver mail for a slight profit, or flush a toilet in space – you’re going to get “Free Medical”, – and somehow you’ll be happy because it’s named after an Idol? Is your brain idol?