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You get invited into the Oval Office to witness the President sign a Historic Bill,  – and your best shot is to try to embarrass him…? You thought you were so much smarter?  You thought he wouldn’t see it coming?  Short video below the fold:

As always Trump offered Democrats a way forward, – a chance to be seen working together. They were having none of it. They won’t even acknowledge that there is danger in our unsecured border. Cynically, they’re calling the problem their 30 years of inaction has created – a “humanitarian crisis”.

Veterans and their families deliver a message of Freedom and Sovereignty to the Obama Spite House this fine Sunday morning. The message couldn’t be clearer:   This Government is OURS,  these Monuments are OURS,  this White House is OURS,  these barricades are OURS,  and our rights and our property will not be trampled!

Unions Exert Muscle… and win!

November 16th, 2012

Well, they won… and then lost everything.  They exerted their muscle over Hostess and shut Hostess down.  For good. It’s a shame.  Their all-powerful union just played a game of brinksmanship and they all lost their jobs.  Does anyone wonder if the union bosses will lose their pay, or even a night’s sleep over this? […]

Refusing bipartisanship by not agreeing to the cuts offered by the Republicans, the Democrats are forcing the US government into shutdown mode.   At any point in this process, the Dems could have agreed to the cuts, averting the much ballyhooed shutdown.  But they refused.  Stubborn to the point of saying nyah nyah nyah nyah to […]