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Per news reports Kyle shot three people Tuesday night in Kenosha,  – killing two of them.  Then he went home to Antioch, Illinois – and was arrested today. It will take weeks before we in the ‘public’ are told sanitized versions of the facts.   Initial reports indicate he’s likely to be charged as an adult,  […]

How many more before congregations employ armed guards? No government – no ‘laws’ can outlaw hate,  religious zeal,  or madness.  We can only arrest, try, and execute those who do it. But we CAN be on guard and ready to return fire! UPDATE:  1 elderly lady dead, 3 wounded

Gotta wonder,  – what beside the drug trade brings this kind of activity to the big city at 4 AM…? Police are saying that the target was lured outside from a party going on inside… Mass Republicans know that the MassGOP has held meeting at this establishment.

So far in a state that toughened gun control – but legalized pot,…one dead and seven-plus shot….rival biker gangs…. Can’t wait to see how Democrats try to politicize this…. And all you high school girls – don’t grow up to be biker chicks; – you might take a stray bullet…or worse, – a stray biker.