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Sylville K. Smith was just 23 when he walked toward a Milwaukee cop with a loaded handgun Saturday afternoon following a traffic stop.   The extended ‘combat magazine‘ – holding 23 bullets was unmistakable. The cop waited,  – ordered him to drop it,  – and then finally…fired,…killing him. Smith has / had a record of reckless […]

You know that if Eric Holder’s goons could find anything on this guy – they’d be all over him the same way they were all over Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Clarke can do two things Obama cannot: – speak directly from the heart – and do it without a teleprompter. Short clip below the fold:

Our favorite Junkyard Dog is at it again – calling out Attorney General Eric Holder’s racist agenda at the National Press Club. “Inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric…like vultures at a roadside kill!” Cops in general, and police chiefs and sheriffs in particular, – often find it convenient to walk a delicate non-political line, – never revealing […]

Bloomberg and the gun grabbers will be after him!

His jurisdiction: nearly 1 million souls in 1,200 square miles. Budget cuts have cost him 48 deputies. His message is pretty basic common sense. As my mother used to say, “The Lord helps those who help themselves”.