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The Ladies were before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about Facebook censoring Conservative content.  The Democrats thought they could make a case that the ladies were paid liars…. At issue is that some Democrat House staffer spent A LOT OF TIME searching the Trump Campaign Reports,  – and found a single line item – […]

EoW: 28 August 2015. Ambushed while fueling his cruiser at a Chevron Station – shot in the back – execution style – as black radicals including Minister Farrakhan have been calling for the murder of Whites and Police. ATTENTION COPS:  This new danger is very real!  Stay ALERT!

America’s 2nd Stupidest Serving Congresswoman – Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston, Texas – has a “Democrat Politician Moment”… …i.e. she forgets History that SHE helped make.

US Rep Sheila Jackson Lee of the Texas 18th CD, now in her 20th year in Congress.  AA/EEO must have been working overtime to have her graduated from YALE, – with a JD from UnivVA Law.  Listen as this ‘lawyer’ claims our Constitution has been in effect 400 years… Ms. Jackson-Lee is widely regarded as […]

The United States Representative from Houston, Texas (TX-18th) Sheila Jackson Lee makes a most remarkable statement on the floor of the House today.  Always a champion of FREE STUFF from Government – for minorities – she has convinced herself that “entitlements are earned”. This is the delusional “you OWE us” mindset that re-elected Obama. Wait […]