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Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee holds a press briefing on her frustrations over passing gun control legislation.  It seems those Republicans in the Senate have actually read our Constitution, and understand their role as the Senior Legislative Body. At one point she proposes that House Members storm the Senate Chamber.

The Party of Perpetual Victimhood is at it again,  stirring up the racism pot by holding hearings about slavery’s “continuing impact” and what America should be doing for “Restorative Justice”…. It’s a ploy to make stupid and uneducated Blacks believe the Government and White People OWE them….  It is racial agitation like this which keeps […]

There are strict laws against money changing hands in government buildings,  – but the Democrat Party has never been known to respect them.  Why bother when your people run the Justice Department and the FBI…and the Courts? There was Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee – House Member from Houston – paying off Christine Ford’s attorney […]

The Ladies were before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about Facebook censoring Conservative content.  The Democrats thought they could make a case that the ladies were paid liars…. At issue is that some Democrat House staffer spent A LOT OF TIME searching the Trump Campaign Reports,  – and found a single line item – […]

EoW: 28 August 2015. Ambushed while fueling his cruiser at a Chevron Station – shot in the back – execution style – as black radicals including Minister Farrakhan have been calling for the murder of Whites and Police. ATTENTION COPS:  This new danger is very real!  Stay ALERT!

America’s 2nd Stupidest Serving Congresswoman – Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston, Texas – has a “Democrat Politician Moment”… …i.e. she forgets History that SHE helped make.

US Rep Sheila Jackson Lee of the Texas 18th CD, now in her 20th year in Congress.  AA/EEO must have been working overtime to have her graduated from YALE, – with a JD from UnivVA Law.  Listen as this ‘lawyer’ claims our Constitution has been in effect 400 years… Ms. Jackson-Lee is widely regarded as […]

The United States Representative from Houston, Texas (TX-18th) Sheila Jackson Lee makes a most remarkable statement on the floor of the House today.  Always a champion of FREE STUFF from Government – for minorities – she has convinced herself that “entitlements are earned”. This is the delusional “you OWE us” mindset that re-elected Obama. Wait […]