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The new more liberal Fox News chose to condemn Pirro’s remarks,  – so we have posted them so you can decide. Was the Judge speaking in Islamophobic terms,  – or just pointing out the stark contradictions between our Constitutional Law and Islamic Sharia Law…?

Bill Warner (aka Bill French) gets under the skin of some folks,  – like the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and some Jewish Groups who still don’t see their future in a Muslim-dominated world. His 6½ minute challenge to the self-appointed hate-monitors is worth your time.   For one thing,  – in today’s world you should […]

It seems a weird combination of guilt over their Nazi past and their still-simmering hatred of all things Jewish has our allies in the German Republic hell-bent on cultural suicide.

For 2017 their cover story is that ‘Trump is a racist’,  his supporters are “Fascists” – i.e. bad guys;  – and they are the “Good Guys” fighting this new evil…. Actually – the exact opposite is the real truth.   If you’d learned any history you know we are seeing a replay of Germany in […]

Muslim women in the audience didn’t want to hear the facts;  – they’d come in their hijabs to make their statement,  to disrupt and heckle. Milo was more than ready for them.  5½ min entertaining video below the fold:

Belgistan? Sharia4Belgium

December 1st, 2015

BE WARNED!   Fouad Belkacem explains how Islam and Sharia is taking over Belgium and how white native Belgians will be a subjugated minority – just due to the Muslim birth rate…. Video below the fold: Oh…?  You think that could never happen here?   Why do you ~ think ~ Obama wants to import Syrians…?  How […]

Creeping Jihad is everywhere, and the arrogant bastards are in your face – our Constitution be DAMNED! Muslims in Irving Texas decided to set up their own Sharia Court – complete with religious police…. Their goal was to establish the court, – have it operate over time, – and thus establish the precedent and thus […]

Is Radical Islam Satanic?

February 8th, 2015

“Zo” aka Alfonzo Rachel has some heavy words on Islam,  – America’s naïve ‘political correctness’,  – the religious deniers [atheists],…and the ultimate goals of Islam. Some of this will be new stuff for many of you.   ‘Bout time you heard it! If you really don’t understand Sharia Law – please understand that you’ve been […]

It is essentially a ploy for publicity and legitimacy in the world of competing terrorist groups. The Al-Nursa Front – which just occupied the disarmed strip of the Golan Heights and captured 45 peacekeepers from Fiji – will try them under Sharia Law,…unless of course three key demands are met. So what are Allah’s aspiring […]

Islam CAN Drive You Insane

July 19th, 2014

Bash your forehead onto your prayer rug long enough, hard enough – and you might become criminally stupid too! So you’re a fervent convert to Islam – one of America’s new Black Muslims – and you run a little mosque in Philly….