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She is one of 11 women who gave sworn testimony to NY State Attorney General that Governor Cuomo had committed sexual offenses against them.   Listen carefully as CBS This Morning host Jericka Duncan is totally incredulous that this young woman would file a report putting a Democrat Governor in jeopardy. She’s an aide to Cuomo,  […]

In 2018, as Cuomo won his 3rd Term against lesbian actress Cynthia Nixon by 65.5% – he started having visions of the White House…..   So did much of the liberal media.   By mid-2020 they were calling him the anti-Trump. My,  – how things change after a ‘pandemic’…. It would be hard to find a more […]

Cuomo has been Governor of New York since 2011,  – was the NY Attorney General for 4 years prior,  – and spent 4 years as Bill Clinton’s SecHUD. Since August, Cuomo chairs the National Governor’s Association, – and he’s a sworn enemy of President Trump.  We sure hope Lindsey Boylan took notes.  Who will play […]

“To be clear – Interior will no longer protect predators or accept inappropriate behavior!” Anybody besides me think some heads are about to roll…?

Between Al Franken,  John Conyers,  Luis Gutiérrez,  and the surging stock market,…what is left for a no-borders one-world socialist to talk about…?

The Liberal Media (Propaganda Ministry) will giggle with glee as they report the apparent ending or the relationship between Fox and Bill O’Reilly.  Since ratings weren’t the issue,…it boils down to image, and too many lawsuits.  There is a whiff of hypocrisy in the air…. The world’s best known know-it-ALL (after Obama) was never known […]

Those mean misogynist Democrat men touched her and talked about her…body! What to do, – report them? To Whom? The Senate Police? NO! BE THE VICTIM!  Write a book!

Too Sexy To Be Mayor?

July 17th, 2013

San Diego’s experiment with an ?ber-liberal Democrat as mayor is going badly. He’s up to his tongue in charges of brazen sexual harassment.