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Sex Change Hormones For A Traitor

February 13th, 2015

In this Brave New Obama World,  WikiLeaks Traitor Bradley Manning, – serving 35 years for treason at Leavenworth, – will start getting sex-change hormones. Bradley became Chelsea Elizabeth Manning last April – by court order. Now the Army [we taxpayers] has to pay for Chelsea’s hormone therapy, – so ‘she’ can complete her transition to […]

Crazy Killer Sex-Change Judges

January 17th, 2014

No surprise – the two judges on the 1st Circuit who just ruled that Michelle [Robert] Kosilek can have a state-funded sex-change operation – are Obama appointees. Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson [2009] and Willian J. Kayatta Jr. [2013] said “Yes he can”, – only old-time Reagan appointee [1984] Juan Rafael Torruella del Valle, Sr. said “No”. […]