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We in MassHole are used to our CongressVermin saying and doing stupid and grotesque things – some on a regular basis. Already a proven asshole,  this failed presidential wannabe just added a fresh layer of slime to his reputation.  Now everybody can see why Marines call him the Blue Falcon.

Salem’s Boy Wonder never got any traction.  He was the Man With NO Plan…but he hates guns and Trump. Frankly, he’s a shitty congressman.  Got a garage full of lawn signs Seth?   They’ll make great targets – you gun-hating twerp! 

Embarrassing!  3-Term MassHole CongressCritter Seth Moulton, – staunchly anti-Trump and anti-gun, – but endorsed by Crooked Johnny Pockets – isn’t being seated for the Democrat Debates this month. Hey MassHoles up in the 6th CD,  – you think ~ maybe ~ your guy doesn’t command much respect?

At this rate…Ayanna Pressley will be next… Moulton is a classic case of Democrats electing somebody based on their looks…

They abound in our military – low-level know-it-alls who ALWAYS know what’s about to happen,  – and who is going to get into trouble….  They’re called rumor-mongers – or worse. So US Rep Seth Moulton (aka the Blue Falcon) lives up to his tawdry reputation by announcing to the media an unsubstantiated rumor.   NOT helpful […]

Can’t even begin to tell you how satisfying it was to type those words! The axe has fallen on another chapter of Doctor Gruber’s political life, – Governor Charlie Baker was able to stop shoveling snow long enough to fire four of Deval Patrick’s Klingons from the Mass Health Connector. We suspect that Gruber went […]

G’Bye Johnny Pockets!

September 9th, 2014

Iraq War veteran Marine Seth Moulton bumps 6th District Congressman John Tierney – soundly. Moulton proudly proclaims himself a Progressive, – so we hope that Richard Tisei can beat him. We’ve got enough Progressives [socialists] in Congress already.