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Ninny Niki was Tsilent Tsongas all those months, – 241 long days, – that Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi was locked away rotting in a Mexican jail,… …but suddenly she finds her vocal chords and her legs to stand in opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline,  – now that fellow Democrat Mary Landrieu is out of […]

First, he never lifts a finger to free Sergeant Tahmooressi,… …then this sloppy arrogant elitist self-obsessed bastard returns the salute from his Marine honor guards with a coffee cup in his hand.

Stuck defending the most worthless and most treasonous pResident in America’s history, – Democrats running for re-election can only hope to blow smoke – and deflect the blame. It has always worked for low-information welfare moms, teachers, and union toads. But the truth is that Dirty Harry Reid essentially ground the 113th Congress to a halt […]

On live feed, misspells the name of Medal of Honor recipient . No wonder they’ve forgotten about Sergeant Tahmooressi!

Israeli planes take out more Hamas targets early this morning,… – even as our one-sided pResident publishes an op-en in an Israeli newspaper – the Haaretz – in which he praised Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas as “committed to a two-state solution”, – but said nothing about Benjamin Netanyahu. And ahead of the American mid-terms – […]

For so long as Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi sits in a Mexican jail – our military personnel should cease saluting this unworthy pResident – who has yet to lift a finger to get him sprung! For 5½ years Obama has enjoyed his CinC role – wearing a military flight jacket – using troops as props […]